Exhibit Culture Space

Museum & Art Gallery

SIGONGtech's creative technology brings the figures of the past into the present.


SIGONGtech’s technological expertise with Korea’s major museums and art galleries

The main purpose of museums is to study and educate history and to preserve valuable relics as well. Visitors to art galleries may appreciate beauty of arts.

SIGONGtech is committed to research and develop various products of broad range: including but not limited to create ecological design, specialized illumination engineering, showcase displays, storage vault and repositories and frames for artworks, which provide

maximum protection during transportation etc.: enabling us to enhance our quality of life at such a cultural space of museum or art halls.

Numerous patents closely related with our intellectual properties in Korea and abroad are the culmination of our hard work after all.

Unbeaten Road!
SIGONGtech, from now on, will take a step straightforward on this unbeaten road, as we've done so far.