CEO Message

Beautiful Creator with the Spirit of Challenge, Creativity and Passion Thank you for your visiting our website SIGONGtech.

Beautiful Creation Group SIGONGtech is here!

It's the Era of Creativity and Collaboration!

Eternal quest for creating something new and beneficial to mankind is always of great value with deep impression.

Such a great value with touching impression can only be materialized when knowledge, technology, information and art are thoroughly integrated together with limitless passion.

History of SIGONGtech is the composition of Creativity, Collaboration, Passion and Challenge.

Since its establishment of SIGONGtech in 1988, we have so much deliberated and zealously challenged to develop Korean industries of Exhibition, Visual arts and Cultural contents from scratch, proudly creating the rhetoric of "the Korea's first...".

In consequence of our ceaseless efforts, we could put ourselves next to none in many races and successfully secure more than 250 intellectual property rights in and out of Korea.

Industries of Creativity and Collaboration can only be flourished on the land by the name of 'Ceaseless Challenge'.

At this Era of Creativity and Collaboration, SIGONGtech is trying to enhance the quality of life through ceaseless challenge and to be firmly upright at the center of the worldwide industries of Exhibition, Visual arts and Cultural contents.

Wishing SIGONGtech remain yours truly as a beautiful creator,

Thank you so much.

Park Ki-seok,/CEO/SIGONGtech