History of 25 Years! Stories of SIGONGtech with the Pioneer Spirit are here: forging ahead in harness of creating brighter future.

  • 1988-1989
  • 1990-1993
  • 1994-1998
  • 1999-2006
  • 2007-Now

 Passion of the fearless, and Challenge

Creation heads for 'The First' at all time. With this in mind, the creativity-oriented industry shares its fate with pioneer spirit. The fundamental foundation of SIGONGtech has been thoroughly based on such a challenging spirit ever since its establishment in 1988 until today.

  • 1988
    Feb. Establishes 'Sigong Tech Co., Ltd.'
    Mr. Park Ki-seok inaugurated as the president, CEO
    at 590-17 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul.
  • 1989
    Apr. Awarded the Presidential Citation for Contribution to the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

Sweat and Tears Stepping-stone for Leapping up

No matter how we've been focused with our successful projection of the laser show during the 1988 Seoul Olympics, we could not secure enough orders to speak of amid impoverished circumstances of cultural industy. Thereafter, we've put all our efforts to Daejeon Expo 1993, to gain the momentum for our recovery.

  • 1990
    May. (Affiliated) Establishes 'The Multimedia Production and Cultural Exhibit Technical Research Institute'.
  • 1991
    May. Acquires 'License for Interior Construction'.
    Sep. Establishes 'Model Production Studio'.
  • 1992
    Apr. Awarded 'the Ministerial Commendation' by the Ministry of Science & Technology in commemoration of the 25th Science Day.
  • 1993
    Jun. Registers the first factory for manufacturing Audio-Visual Equipments, Models, Showcases, Storages and Furnitures.

Seeks for Breakthrough with Creative Technology

As the Daejeon Expo was all wound up with a great success, Korean exhibition industry began to be animated. Nevertheless, unexpected barriers were everywhere hindering from securing museum projects. To overcome such barriers, SIGONGtech gave birth to the 'sealed-showcase display' for the first time in Korea.

  • 1994
    Apr. Acquires ‘Permission of Construction Work for Information and Communication’.
    Jun. Registers as ‘Manufacturers of Video Products’.
  • 1996
    Oct. Files as 'Software Producers'.
  • 1998
    Mar. Acquires ISO 9001/ KSA 9001 Certificates.
    Files as 'Specialized Industrial Designers'.
    Jun. Registers as 'Venture Corporation' by the Small and Medium Business Administration.
    Dec. Acquires EM for Storage Vault System.

To be a Sound Business Firm A Beautiful Creator

SIGONGtech carried out various projects throughout the country with success, accumulating creative capabilities and know-how: being able to organize the process in the field of exhibition. Through the stabilization in finance in consquence of listing SIGONGtech on 1999 KOSDAQ, we were striving to concentrate on establishment of the state-of-the-art Museum.

  • 1999
    Jan.Acquires ‘Patent for Sealed Showcase Display’.
    Jun.Storage Vault System: named ‘Outstanding Product’ by the
    Public Procurement Service Administration.
    Sep.Listed on KOSDAQ.
  • 2000
    Mar.Acquires ‘Patent for Internet-based Showcase Display’.
    Aug.Relocates Head Office to: 107-7 SIGONG Bldg. Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.
  • 2001
    Apr.Selected as ‘Research Institution for Recruits of Exempts from Military Services’.
    Aug.Establishes ’TSS Co., Ltd.’ (now SIGONGmunhwa) as subsidiary.
  • 2002
    Feb.Establishes ‘Korea Visuals Co., Ltd.’(now i-Scream media) as subsidiary.
    Oct.Awarded 'the Ministerial commendation' by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
  • 2003
    Mar.Awarded 'the Deputy Prime Minister's Commendation' by the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of the Ministry of Finance and Economy.
    Mar.Exports '*Himalama Zone', 3D Special Effects Multimedia Ride, to the U.S.A. *Himalama is an amalgam of 'Himalaya' and 'Amazon'.
    Oct.Establishes ‘JVC Moonpark Sigong Gwagi LLC’ in China.
  • 2004
    Jun.Acquires 'Good Quality Mark Certificate' for 'Showcase Display' by the Small and Medium Business Administration.
    Sep.Showcase for Cultural Asset Display: Selected as an 'Outstanding Industrial Design Product' by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy.
  • 2005
    Apr.Showcase Display for Displaying Cultural Assets: Selected as an 'Outstanding Product' by the Public Procurement Service Administration.
  • 2006
    Feb.Awarded 'the Prime Ministerial Commendation' for Successful Involvement in APEC 2005.
    Sep.Signs MOU with PICO Group for ‘Strategic Partnership’.

Pioneering a New exhibition Area New Passage of Challenge and Creation

Making a strong resolution with the projects of Museum and Exhibition Halls as the specialized exhibition cultural enterprise, SIGONGtech has widened its vision into the new fields of business i.e. science museum, biological museum and experiential activity center. As a natural consequence, SIGONGtech could achieve a series of success with remarkable appreciation in Gwacheon National Science Museum, Shanghai Expo and Yeosu Expo respectively.

  • 2007
    Nov.Acquires ‘Certificate of Innovative Management SMB’ by the
    Small and Medium Business Administration.
  • 2008
    Jan.Awarded 'The Grand Prize' in the Small and Medium Business Cultural Section by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
    Sep.Registers as 'Exhibition Enterprise' : (Exhibitory Installation Business, Organization of Exhibition Business).
    Oct.30,Acquires 'License for Landscape Installation'.
    Nov.14,Awarded 'Science and Technology Medal' for Successful Involvement of Gwacheon National Science Museum.
  • 2009
    Dec.16,Named as 'Outstanding Specialized Design Enterprise' by the Korea Institute of Design Promotion.
  • 2010
    Oct.Awarded 'OSCAR Prize of the 2010 Shanghai Expo': for the Korea Pavilion(Visual Media Sector) and Korea Business Pavilion (Science and Technology Display Sector).
    Nov.(My Bare Foot Friend): Officially invited to the 23rd International Documentary Film Festival, Amsterdam.
  • 2011
    Jan.Acquires 'License for Production, Import and Distribution of Movies'.
    Aug.30,Selected as one of 'The 200High-Potential SMBs in the Asia-Pacific' by US Forbes Magazine.
    Nov.25,Relocates and expands Head Office to: 225-20 SIGONG Bldg. Pangyoyeok-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do.
  • 2012
    Feb.Awarded 'the Ministerial Commendation' by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on 2012 Space & Culture Day.
  • 2013
    Jan.Awarded 'the Presidential Citation' for Contribution to the 2012 Yeosu Expo.
    Feb.Awarded 'the Ministerial Commendation' by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology for Contribution to the Korea Space Launch Vehicle-1 (NARO).
    Apr.Established an Affiliated Company, i-Screamedu Co., Ltd.
  • 2014
    Mar. Acquires ‘License for Facilities Maintenance Business’
    Jul.‘Gold Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit’ (Model Entrepreneur of SMEs)
  • 2015
    Nov. Awarded ‘Red Dot Award 2015 (2015 Milan EXPO Korea Pavilion)’
  • 2016
    Apr. Acquires ‘License for General Construction Industry (Building Contractor)’
    May. Rep. Director Park Ki-seok, Named as ‘Distinguished Entrepreneur of Small and Medium Enterprises’by Korea Federation of SMEs
    May.Established an Affiliated Company, PDM Inc.
    Jun.Completed Production and Installation of Thematic Pavilion, International Pavilion, Korea Pavilion of 2017 ASTANA EXPO, Kazakhstan.
    Jan.Established 'studio SPACETIME'.
    Dec.“Awarded ‘USD30 Million Export Tower’ in commemoration of the 55th Export Day”
    Feb.2019 Feb. Awarded ‘If Design Award 2019 (Astana EXPO 2017 Korean Pavilion)’