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  • Museums Assicuation

    Museums Assicuation

    The world’s oldest museum association

    The Museum Association(MA) was founded in 1889 and is the oldest association of its kind. It is an independent organization that is maintained by membership dues and does not require any government funding. Its members include roughly 5,000 museum experts and other individuals, more than 600 institutions, and 250 corporations. The MA provides information through its website and publications and wields considerable influence at the government level. It also provides educational training programs designed to hone professional expertise of members who work at the museums, while hosting various events related to museum issues and annual conferences.

  • The international Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions


    World’s largest amusement park installation association

    The IAAPA is the world’s largest association for fixed amusement park installations and has been committed to the progress and preservation of the amusement park and theme park industries. Its members come from more than 90 countries including the US, and include more than 4.500 theme parks, providers, and individuals. Most of the registered facilities are theme parks, water parks, smaller playground facilities, family playgrounds, arcades, zoos and aquariums, museums, and miniature golf courses. The IAAPA regularly hosts a world-class convention (trade show) and publishes the FUNWORLD. It has also formed a partnership with the American Society for Testing to maintain the utmost safety and maintenance standards.

  • National Science Teachers Association


    World’s largest science teachers organization

    Established in 1994, the NSTA is headquartered in Arlington Virginia and has been devoted to bringing further progress to the professional expertise of science teachers, science learning, and innovation in the field. It is the largest organization dedicated to this cause, and currently has more than 55,000 registered members - most of whom are science teachers, guidance counselors in science, scientists, CEOs, and various industry leaders. The association publishes the NSTA report and various educational publications, and hosts an annual conference attended by more than 30,000 participants. The main objective of NSTA is to help develop scientific learning methods and related research, in addition to providing related information on the global development of science learning. Since 2002, the NSTA has been engaged in direct education projects through online teaching methods.

  • European Network of Science Centers and Museums


    European Network of Science Centers and Museums, committed to popularize science and technology

    ECSITE is an organization comprised of science centers and science museums in Europe. Its ultimate goal is to popularize science and technology, and to facilitate information exchange among the various institutions based in Europe. ECSITE provides various projects, programs, and services aimed at building stronger networks and improving activities at the individual level, while also enabling easier exchange of information and materials.

  • World Future Society


    An organization formed by people creating a new social and technological development model for the future

    An organization formed by people creating a new social and technological development model for the future, the World Future Society is a non-profit organization established in 1966 to further the progress of education and science. It is headquartered in Washington DC, US.

  • American Association of Museums

    American Association of Museums

    American Association of Museums, striving to improve public service of museums

    The AAM was established in 1906 to enhance the professionalism of museums. Its goal is to improve public service provided by museums through various support, educational training, information exchange, certification, and provision of objective standards for performance evaluation and it also provides support for museum workers, volunteers, and committees. AAM members include experts, volunteers, and other individuals. It currently has more than 16,000 members, of which, 11,500 are museum experts or volunteers. It also has more than 3,100 museums registered as members.