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GLOBAL EXHIBITION & CULTURE COMPANY We are a member of SIGONG family, sharing our common values and corporate vision.

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i-Scream media is an affiliated company of SIGONGtech, the outright leader of the exhibition and cultural industry in Korea.
i-Scream media has established more than 2.3 million state-of-the-art digital multimedia contents archives with image, video, CG, 3D animation and AR/VR. Based on this, we are forging ahead with expansion of the scope of business in digital teaching material platform, contents open market platform and AI/Big Data services to solidify the foundation of the World's best edutech expert.

i-Scream media's Scope of Business

Integrated educational service
i-Scream Integrated Educational Services
Digital content development
On-line Training Institute
(i-Scream Remote Training Institute)
Extension and training for educators
Coding Education
(Turu Turu)
Motion – Book business
Online mall for Educational Materials
Online mall for educational materials
Production of
Multimedia Contents
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